Compatibility Tester


You can use the tester without registration by clicking START TESTER.

Registration will give you many advantages and amenities.


If you log in from different computers, then log in everywhere in the same way.

Or everywhere via Facebook, or everywhere via email.


When entering birth data, it is important to specify the time of birth as accurately as possible. Specify with what accuracy you know your time of birth in the WITH PRECISION window


When entering the city of birth pay attantion to get a dropdown menu as seen on the screenshot.

And select city from the dropdown menu.

 If you did not get the dropdown menu  after entering your city of birth try to enter nearby city. 


There are additional settings which are important in case you are looking for a new partner. 

This information will help other people to find you in case you will be their match. 

We suggest you to fill in maximum fields. In case you are not looking for a new partner just ignore all these fields.  


After entering your registration data you will be taken to MAIN MENU

On the bottom of this menu you will see your LS NUMBER. This number is usefull when you want other people to calculate compatibility with you. You will pass them this number insted of passing them your personal data. 


After clicking on CALCULATE COMPATIBILITY on MAIN MENU you will have this window. 

By default the first partner will be you. But you can enter there any person. 

You have several options to select the second partner as seen on the screenshot. 

The same options you will have if you will want to change the first partner. 

You can even calculate compatibility with yourself) 


Registered users have possibility to store all their friends in a database. Enter MY PARTNERS when selecting a person for calculations and you will get to this database. Just click the name to select a person. 


The results of all calculations are stored for Registered users. You can find them clicking CALCULATIONS ARCHIVE on main menu. This will save you money not to pay for the same calculations twice. Also you can quickly refresh in your memory any previous calculations or compare several calculations.


On the bottom of the MAIN MENU you will see a QR code. It is under testing now. But soon you will be able to scan such a QR code on the mobile phone of another user of our project and get instant result of compatibility with that  person. This is usefull when you are in a bar and have many potential candidates. And want fast results)


On the bottom of the page you will see CASE STUDY - FAMILY. WE suggets you to read them to get more feeling how to understand the Tester. Also under every compatibility chart you will see a link to the page where you will find detailed description how to understand the tester.