Compatibility Tester


We will show you on different  stories how our compatibility tester is working.

To understand our tester remember only several rules:

- No green, no red - as a result no connection between people

- Green - harmonious connection, but can become too boring if no red is there.

- Red - active connection, but can become too wild if no green is there.

Best - majority of green with some red.

The charts are showing PERCENTAGE in relation to the best partner possible. It is important to understand, that there is no such a person, with whom at the same time it will be compatibility  in soul, intimacy, communication and stability 100 percent. 

Case 1. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Everybody knows this legend pair. Just see that the green prevails. This means prevailing harmony in their life. They lived happily together 50 years till Newman’s death.

Just pay attention, that in SOUL  the red line is much longer, than green. This means that their emotions were intense to each other, but they felt as they are totally different people.

From the beginning this kept them apart but later many harmonious energies materialized and took upper hand.

Case 2 . Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Look what would Brad and Angelina see on the screen of their Compatibility Tester on the beginning of their dating.

This could definitely stop them from making long-time commitment and making children. You see that there is more red, than green in general. This means, that they had many hot  energies flowing between them from the beginning. This caused fast attraction but later ruined the family. 

Why did they marry at all?  You see in STABILITY there is a green line above average 20  percent. This mean that they saw some support in each other. 

Also a long red line in STABILITY from the beginning seems like a support and people think they can establish a long-term union. But this support with time is transforming into limiting bondage and makes people feel like  in cage. 

Case 3. Ronald and Nancy Reagan

Could somebody see ahead that this couple would be happy during 52 years till death of Ronald?

Yes? if they would have our Tester.

Look at their energies.

You see that they simply loved each other. Soul connection is much above average 20 percent. 

Case 4. Princess Diana, her lover James Hewitt and Prince Charles.

This man (James Hewitt) capt for more than 5 years the heart of Princess Diana.

This could last much longer if not intervention of Royal family.

Why she selected him? You can look deeper into the story using our compatibility tester.

Compare charts of compatibility between Diana, Charles and James.

See much more green between Diana and James compared to Diana and Charles.

Charles could save a lot of nerves and could not marry if he had our Tester at that time.

Please also see the long green line on STABILITY(LONGEVITY) between Diana and Charles.

This is an indicator of good support between two people. In such cases marriages can last many years without love and sex. Based only on support.

Here you can have a look on full text report of their compatibility. 

Case 5. Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly

This was not a happy marriage. Could somebody predict problems ahead to this couple when they started to date?

Yes, if they had our Tester.

You see missing energy in LOVE section of the tester?

Definitely they communicated well, even felt stable with each other ( see the chart). But without love all that lost meaning in several years.

If couple would use our tester ahead they would not marry.

Grace was saying once : "You know, I have come to feel very sad in this marriage. He is not really interested in me. He doesn't care about me...If I had the choice I would divorce him. But I have no choice. He would keep my children."

Sharing a life with a partner with whom one shares no interests eventually took its toll on Kelly and, in her mid-40s, she separated from Rainier, moved to his apartment in Paris with her two unruly daughters and hit the bottle, becoming careless in her actions, appearance and personal safety. Frequent fender benders often resulted from Kelly's intoxication that required discrete handling.

Case 6. Adriano Celentano - Claudia Mori

This is a very happy long lasting marriage. They married in 1964 and live happily till now. Could we see this ahead when Celentano and Mori started to date?

Yes. The compatibility chart shows all 

The compatibility above 20% in any field is already good. We have in this case compatibility above average in 3 fields. And only in INTIMACY  there could be not sufficient satisfaction after several years of marriage. But if people by their nature do not need much sex this can be not a problem. Or they could develop more sensitivity, practice some tantra or Dao sex and this could improve their sex life.

Please see a big red line in stability. This shows, that partners hold to each other strongly, but in limiting way. For example not permitting to each other to go somewhere alone etc. Definitely this puts some difficulty in relationships. We could recommend the couple to give to each other more freedom. This would make their life even better.

Case 7. Edward VIII King of England - Wallis Simpson

Married in 1931 and lived together 35 years until death separated them .

Wallis was married twice before she met Edward and was an American. King Edward fall in love with her but could not marry, as this was against tradition and law at that time.

So he had to select - to be with her or to remain a King. He selected to be with her and to give up his Kingdom.

Why he did so?

Please look into compatibility chart .

See big green line in LOVE? In average this line is around 20 %. So here we have three times more love, than in average.

This explains why he selected her and not the Kingdom.

There is a big red line in communication. This means they had very different points of view and difficult communication on logical level. This is very difficult for doing business together, but in family life in is not a problem when there is big love, like in this case.

Could King Edward find himself a better wife? Definitely yes, if he could have at that time our Tester. But please remember, that at that time the circle of contacts of Kings was very limited, so he found the best what he could and kept to that founding till the end of his life.

Case 8. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

This is a happy marriage. It started in 1991. Could someone see this in 1991? Yes, if he could have our Tester.

Please see that LOVE energies are above average,  INTIMACY above average, STABILITY is also above average. So on many levels this connection is good.

What about communication? There is no negative, no positive energies. This means their communication is ordinary. They do not speak too much to each other. But do you need to speak too much if you are in big love and have good intimacy? ))

Please see that there is a big red line in stability also. This means that additionally limitation energies exist between these two. This could be very difficult if there would be no love or no good intimacy. But in this case this limitation is not felt strongly by the couple.