Compatibility Tester

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Compatibility Charles with Diana

General Analysis:

You have to make joint efforts to make this relationship better

Short Analysis 

There will be coldness in relationship, emphasized formality

Both of you are not getting sufficient sensual pleasures in this union

You can communicate well

No mutual sufficient support. Better rely on yourself in this relationship

Detailed description of relationships

In the description of compatibility there will be positive and negative factors. Sometimes some statements may contradict each other. But these are not contradictions - just different energies exist in the relationship at the same time and can occur simultaneously or in turn. If you see a description of the negative - do not worry, the negative can be corrected. To overcome the negative in a relationship, the best method is to just be quiet and silent for 15 minutes a day. This is an ancient powerful method. Over time, you yourself will see how to overcome these negatives.


  • There will be some difference of temperament. Where close association is concerned, Charles may sometimes be inconsiderate, or will ignore or offend Diana, usually without intending to. Diana will need to guard against being too sensitive and taking trifles too seriously.
  • There is a conflict of individualities in this relationship. Cooperation seldom is achieved.. There could be separations or a sporadic association . Unless the two persons are poised and self-disciplined, a close association is not likely to be satisfying to either party. The unpredictable Diana keeps Charles up in the air. Diana will resent the influence of Charles and rebel against any authority Charles shows. Diana resists Charles and both are impatient and rebellious toward each other.
  • In close association there can be religious or in-law problems which, although not serious, can be emotionally disturbing. Charles overestimates promises of Diana, thus expecting too much and laying open to little disappointments. Also, Charles may be tempted to take advantage of Diana's benevolence and can demand too much. Diana, however, sometimes imposes on Charles.
  • There is lack of trust between you. The problems or situations provoked between two of you are never quite as bad as they appear, nor as good as envisioned. In close association there can be misunderstanding, doubt, confusion, distrust, deception. Charles will exhibit elusive, evasive, deceptive qualities in reaction toward Diana. Diana is baffled by Charles. There is lack of trust between you. Charles can be misleading, appearing submissive, but subtly eluding the influence of Diana.
  • Sometimes in-laws will prove a source of trouble between two persons. Diana discourages, limits, frustrates, and delays the efforts and progress of Charles, disregarding Charles's feelings. This can produce conflicts. The duties and responsibilities of Diana will discourage or depress Charles. All this will make close association difficult.
  • Respective interests will not always coincide. There may be differences of opinion along ethical or religious lines that could be irritating in a close relationship. Diana may promise more than Diana is able to fulfill. Charles will often seem petty to Diana.
  • There is harmony and sympathy between you, but not always complete. There may be differences of taste, background, or of cultural, social, or recreational inclinations. We may find a little envy, possessiveness, and extravagance or overindulgence of one partner toward the other. This can be favorable for close association, though the emotional qualifications mentioned above must be taken into account in discussing relationship endurability. There can be strong attraction.


  • Diana stimulates imagination, ideas, and self-confidence in Charles. In close association environment it aids cooperation and efficiency in getting things done together.
  • There is a mental affinity and a quick perception of each other's ideas and views. Good conversational interchange and understanding between the two persons. You can promote each other's mental development. Many mutual interests will be encouraged. Telepathic thought projections can happen.
  • There is good mental understanding and probably many common interests. Agreement and collaboration are easy to attain. Diana can influence viewpoints of Charles as well as encourage and stimulate the latter's ideas and intellectual progress. Charles understands Diana and understanding always aids agreement and adjustment.
  • There is harmony and agreement on the mental level. It abets understanding. Any difference of opinion can be easily resolved, adjusted, or reconciled. Many mutual interests are discovered. This encourages mental development in each and stimulates ideas and conversational facility between you. The two persons can learn much together and from each other.
  • Aspirations and ambitions are stimulated in both of you. You complement each other, one adding aggressive spirit to the ambitions and aspirations of the other. You will stimulate mutual helpfulness in achieving prosperity. One of you encourages daring in the other, and in many cases, you encourage it in each other. There will be optimism, ambition, and desire for expansion. All this is favorable in case of business or close association partners. In some cases, a mutual interest along lines of sports, or love of nature and outdoor recreation will consolidate friendships and aid congeniality in the association.
  • The relationship always has something unusual in it. Charles awakens and inspires ideas in Diana. Diana's imagination can stimulate the originality and versatility of Charles. Charles assists Diana in unusual or unexpected ways.
  • There can be much intuition between two persons. Enjoyment of each other is heightened, especially in the exchange of ideas and conversation. Charles stimulates and awakens the mind of Diana and gives Diana many ideas. Diana can learn from the association. Diana helps Charles bring original conceptions down to the level of practical application. Charles also can stimulate Diana's interests along occult or spiritual lines.
  • There is often a strong telepathic tie. In some cases Diana may confuse Charles or seem evasive or deceptive. Much depends on both of you as to whether this is mutually beneficial or causes misunderstanding and trouble. Diana could have a subtle and adverse influence on Charles if Diana tends to dissipation and Charles is easily influenced.
  • This association can contribute to harmony or to the spiritual, mental, or material welfare of both of you. Experiences two of you have together will stimulate the mind of Charles and bring changes in both your lives. Much contact together will broaden the viewpoints or expand the range of interests, especially in Charles. Diana may try to dominate the mind of Charles, and if so could be ruthless.
  • Originality, creative ability, inventiveness, independence, enterprise, and sense of adventure are stimulated in a productive and progressive way. You encourage confidence and initiative in each other. You will benefit each other through the association.
  • Charles stabilizes the mind of Diana and suggests rather than criticizes. Diana can appreciate the knowledge and experience of Charles and can give Charles new ideas.
  • If positive and best sides of both of you are expressed, you induce cooperation and working for a common goal. All this is very good for business associations where the objective is material profit. Diana stimulates ambition and progressive instinct in Charles. Charles's caution restrains Diana's tendency to act too quickly, impulsively, or without sufficient forethought or preparation. Charles in some ways restricts or limits the activities of Diana, and the latter may have to set aside many personal aims or projects, temporarily if not permanently, or as long as the association lasts. Diana can be irritating to the cautious, practical Charles, since Diana wants action speedily and hates to wait for results. Charles puts much responsibility upon Diana and, if Diana is equal to it, it brings out the progressive and enterprising instincts. It can prove a challenge which helps Diana to progress and succeed. Diana stimulates self-confidence in Charles and thus helps Charles to resist discouragement and build greater security. Diana rises to emergencies, helping Charles solve many problems. Diana often may have to wait for the slower Charles, trying Charles's patience or giving Diana an occasional period of anxiety. In close association there will be endurance. Charles always binds.