Compatibility Tester


What is the basis of Tester's work?

Tester is a computer program (Artificial Intelligence) trained on more than 30,000 stories of real relationships. In fact, it is the equivalent of a person who has had a relationship more than 30,000 times and has vast experience.

What is the accuracy of tester's work?

About 10 percent

What is the input for the Tester?

The initial data is the age difference between two people. To calculate this difference, we use the birth data of two people (date, time and place).

Why does the age difference determine compatibility?

In nature everything is cyclical (seasons, day-night cycle, etc.). If the development cycles of two people coincide, then it becomes easy for them to be with each other. If they don't match, then it's hard. This is a very simplistic explanation, but it reflects the essence.

Why do I need time of birth?

Our research has shown that people's compatibility depends very much on the exact age difference. To do this, we calculate the difference to the minutes.

How critical is the accuracy of the time of birth?

The more accurate, the more reliable the result of calculations will be.

What if the time and place of birth are not known at all?

The accuracy of the result can be reduced to 30 percent.

Why do you need a place of birth?

To take into account the time zone and correctly count the time of birth.

How secure is my personal data stored?
We use personal data only for calculations and do not provide it to anyone.