Compatibility Tester

Business compatibility 

As an example of the Tester's work in the analysis of business compatibility, we will show the story of two billionaires.

They became friends in the early 1990s, managed to make $30 billion together, then in 2007 they separated and divided the money.

How could you have seen it on the first day of their acquaintance?

Let's enter their birth data into the Tester and see the result:

Remember the rule for analyzing compatibility charts - the higher the green bars, the more harmony in the relationship. The average value is about 20 percent.

Above average is good.

What do we see from this graph?

- In all spheres of life, except for spiritual contact, they are doing well.

- The red color, which shows difficulties and tensions, is very insignificant.

- The ratio of green and red (the upper ball) shows that the percentage of harmony in the relationship is very high.

It is not surprising that they have been together for many years and were able to make a great fortune together. They harmoniously helped each other to grow and earn money.

Does it mean that if you have such a compatibility with someone, you will also make $30 billion together?

Not always. To do this, you need to be together with such a person in the appropriate external conditions. And so that your personal education allows you to act in these conditions. These two men found themselves in such conditions. And their compatibility helped them to earn a lot of money together in these conditions.

Why did they separate then?

- they didn't have a strong enough emotional contact (the first column in the graph). And as soon as one of them had problems with the French police in 2007, the second partner acted not out of sincere friendship, but out of cold calculation to dissociate himself and protect his image. So they started the section.

- the second reason is that although compatibility is good, it is not the best. Provided that each of them was surrounded by a bunch of advisors, these advisors became stronger than the energies that bound these two people.

- the third reason was that big money is often a big challenge for people. Not everyone can stand it and begin to show their worst sides of character. In such conditions, the level of harmony that was between friends was not enough to keep them together.

- the fourth reason is that they have a red column in the COMMUNICATION column. This is a misunderstanding on a logical level. It does not interfere in ordinary life (below average), but in difficult times it can get out and interfere with establishing mutual understanding.

In addition to this chart, you will receive several pages of detailed texts of relationship analysis on our website. These texts will help you to understand even more deeply the positive and negative sides of the relationship.
Go to our website, calculate yourself with one of the former partners and see how it exactly works.

Have fun)